Under My Rock Making new Music…

I’ve been under my rock making new music. I’m finally, at the place where I can begin to give you bits and pieces of what I’ve been working on for the upcoming record. It will be random at first. Please be patient with me. Hopefully, along the way it will start to take shape and over the next few weeks you will start to get an idea, albeit blurred of what’s headed your way.

I don’t just walk into the studio with 10 or 12 songs and turn in my homework. I don’t know, going in which combination of words, melodies, hooks, riffs,sounds, musicians and gadgets is going to work. When I do get something down that sounds like a song or group of songs that “sing” to me, I don’t know if they’re going to “sing” to you. That’s the nature of the beast. At the end of the day, I just like and enjoy music…. a lot ! I want you to like it, too….a lot.

Forgive me where or when I push too far or don’t stretch enough. I promise you, my heart’s in the right place.