Songs to Sing…Work to Do

I’m in the heat of the battle. Single number one did good and made it into the top ten at radio. We backed off of it because we got an overwhelming plea from some key players at radio asking for “Cost Of Livin’” on an asap basis. It’s been hovering in the 20’s on the charts for several weeks, now. This is going to be interesting to watch and a notable case study. I have never had a song get the response that this one gets when I take it to the people. I’m not campaigning for it to set the world on fire or to race up the charts; that has to come from a very real place. It can’t be manipulated or force-fed to people. The real impact songs resonate with us from the gut, the heart…they come from a place of authenticity. They don’t come along everyday, they often sneak up on us, catch us off guard. They don’t play by the rules or adhere to predictable trend cycles. This one’s all yours.

I took a five-piece band of genuine, battle-hardened troubadours and played from one end of America to the other for the last nine months. We’re on the campaign trail. We’ve been on the move from January to October and I feel like we’re barely getting started. On the night of September the 10th we hit the stage at 9 p.m. in Pendleton, Oregon…. four hours later we arrived 1500 miles away, crossed God knows how many time zones and met the sun coming up in Hamilton, Canada. Talk about a fast horse!

I put a few more of those truck stop casinos under my belt. Me and the boys gave it all we had on stage at the Iowa State Fair while Mother Nature accompanied us with a fierce light show. The local newspaper critic criticized me for going on late. It was an act of God that we got on, and off for that matter, at all.

I’m in Chicago a few nights ago playing the Marconi Awards. Rumor has it he invented the radio. All the heavy weights from the world of radio were there. That’s a tough room. They couldn’t have been more receptive. We got a standing ovation after “Cost Of Livin’”.

Backstage, I get a text message from Taylor Swift, that’s right, Taylor Swift asking me to come sing “Bleed Red” with her at her concert in Nashville the next night. She’s a total sweetheart. I’m cool for another few days to my daughter, Haley…I walk offstage in Nashville, get back on the bus and head for Detroit where I’m the only country act on a rock festival. I have the soundman from the Rolling Stones. He knows where the rockers hide the extra volume knobs. It was a blast! We were invited back.

There’s a big election coming up. Big “doin’s” in the air. I read about it and try to keep up with all of the candidates. I hear that the overwhelming loss of jobs and the rising cost of living is at the forefront of the campaign, hmmm. I’m lucky to have a job. I don’t know that I’ll have it tomorrow. I’m damn proud to be an American. I believe that Americans, when united and drawn together for a common cause, have the edge over any other people in the world. There’s an innate dynamic found in freedom that gives us a power that no other culture on the planet has and it’s being challenged in many ways, right now. We need strong, uncontaminated leaders…there’s our cause!

I don’t know where things are headed. I wake and go to sleep with the same worries, concerns and uncertainties that most every other hard working, red-blooded citizen does. I believe in the power of us.

All right boys…. saddle up. We got songs to sing…work to do!